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I cannot remember how to find the slope of a line when you are given two points.
Here is the problem.

The slope of a line through (2,1) and (5,n) is 3. n=___

I ended up with -2. But I don't think that is the right answer. I put the points in slope-intercept form and solved for y, which would end up being n, right?
y(or n)=5x+3
y(1)=2x+3 [x equals -1 right?]

I'm so confused. . . .

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    How would you find slope if you knew all of the two points

    just set

    n-1 = 9
    n = 10

    test is by finding the slope, it works

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    the method you tried will work, but you made an error.

    here is how it would have looked:

    let y = mx + b, but we have a point (2,1) and m=3
    1 = 3(2) + b
    b = -5

    so the equation is y = 3x - 5

    now sub in (5,n)
    n = 3(5) - 5
    n = 10

    much longer and more complicated, you must agree.

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