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Discuss arguments in favor of and against using this model as a national perspective on preventing divorce.

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    One of the arguments in favor of the prevention model is that it can help couples save their marriage by reducing the levels of stress in their marriage. For instance, couples who are having financial problems as a result of a spouse being unemployed, can seek help from community organizations. According to the prevention model, community organizations can help people find jobs by offering them job training programs.

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    Are you saying that the ONLY thing the preventiion model does is to help people find jobs?? I don't think that's what you mean.

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    The couples that are in need of a job can benefit from this component of the model because it can help couples prevent or reduce the duration of their crisis. Another reason why this model is helpful is that it can help new couples find resources that will help them grow and have a much more fulfilling life together. For instance, newlyweds can benefit from the education component because they can be informed early in the relationship about healthy ways of approaching conflict, communication, and decision making in the relationship.

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    I hope that there's a section in your paper -- undoubtedly before these sections you've posted -- in which you outline all the facets of a prevention program. Yes?

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    On the other hand, there are those who disagree with the model’s concept of cause and effect. For instance, many people do not believe that education is an important factor for determining the duration and satisfaction in a marriage. Although, those who support the primary prevention model argue that studies do show how social factors do matter in the results of a relationship. For instance, studies have shown that teenagers who get married as a means to escape from their parents’ household may result in divorce.

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    The social factor in this example is age. The primary prevention model suggests the age of the couple will determine the results of their marriage. Those who oppose efforts of the primary prevention model often choose to ignore the correlations between social factors and causation because they believe these correlations are not enough proof to indicate what the future of the relationship will be like (Handout 44).

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    These read okay, but I still think you're not explaining in enough detail. It seems you expect the reader to already know exactly what you're referring to. Primary Prevention Model? Includes what?

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    yes, I'm actually doing this by sections. I'm posting the paragraphs that I feel need proofreading. Since its hard to post all of my paper on this website. Thanks for helping me again.

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    No problem.

    When you get it all together, the first and best thing to do is to read it aloud to someone - or even to no one! Simply hearing yourself read it aloud will help you catch stange wording, choppy sections, and outright errors.


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