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1)How many joules are needed to heat 8.50 grams of ice from -10.0 degrees to 25.0 degrees?

2)Calculate the hydronium ion concentration and the hydroxide ion concentration in blood, the pH of which is 7.3(slightly alkaline)

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    heat to move T of ice from -10 to zero is
    q1 = mass x specific heat ice x delta T.
    mass is 8.5 g, you can look up the specific heat of ice, and delta T is 0 -(-10) = 10.

    Next we must melt the ice.
    q2 = mass x heat fusion of ice.

    Next we must move T of ice at 0 degrees C to 25 degrees C.
    q3 = mass x specific heat water x delta T.

    Total is q1 + q2 + q3.

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