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Are dreams psychoanalytical, physical, metaphysical, or psychological? How do most people view dreams and nightmares?

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    I do not know any source that has researched how "most people" view dreams and nightmares.

    Although it would be my bias, I would initially pick psychological, which can include psychodynamic/psychoanalytic views.

    Physiologists and some physicians would hold a physical view, talking about interactions among neurons. Some people theorize that dreams or nightmares are influenced by what they ate the evening before.

    I don't think very many people have a metaphysical view, seeing dreams as communication with spirits or dieties.

    Most likely, the most common view of dreams and nightmares would be an interaction between several of these views, with varying importance being given to one or more aspects depending on one's culture and/or personal viewpoint.

    Although this does not offer a clear choice, I hope it helps a little more. Thanks for asking.

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    My paper says that there could be an interaction between some of the views. Thanks that helps alot.

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    I have another question that I am having trouble answering: Why are some dreams recurring?

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    Dreams probably reoccur because the conditions that lead to these dreams continue. Depending on your view, these could involve neurological states, previous diet, continued desires or fears and/or other factors.

    I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

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