How would you solve the following inequality

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How would you solve the following inequality algebraically?

0.5(x + 2)^2 (x - 4) > 2x + 3

  • How would you solve the following inequality -

    I would graph it to get close and look for intersections numerically.
    You know that the cubic at left hits the x axis three times, grazes at x = -2 and crosses at x = 4
    it starts at the lower left, y is big negative if x is big negative
    then it bounces off the x axis at x = -2 and drips down to cross the y axis at y = -8 then goes up through x = 4 to x big + x and big +y on the right
    the straight line on the right goes through (0,3) and (-3/2,0)
    The curve crosses the line somewhere between x - -2and x = 0
    You can see that the curve is above the line at the lower left but may cross for large negative x and it dips below at the lower right but might come up and cross agin for large + x
    I would have to search for those crossings numerically.

  • How would you solve the following inequality -

    Once you have one root numerically, you can factor that out and be left with a quadratic.

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