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Find the distance between each pair of parallel lines

y= -3/4x-1

Please help

  • Geomety -

    well, graph the lines
    or find some points from them and then measure the distance through adding/ subtraction

  • Geomety -

    sorry but that was no help to me

  • Geomety -

    Let me first convert them into the same y = mx + b form:

    -->y = -(3/4)x - 1
    -->y = -(3/4)x + 5

    Okay, slopes are the same so you know they're parallel to each other. Looking at the y-intercept you know that one has a coordinate of (0,-1) and the other has a coordinate of (0,5).

    Now knowing that information, you should be able to calculate the distance with the distance formula. If you still stuck, let me know.

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