what do you think of the new business page?

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What do you think of the new business page? It displays the most recent business questions:


I will also be applying this layout to the other subject pages.


  • what do you think of the new business page? -

    I like the layout, but won't be visitng a business-only page regularly because I lack skills in that area. I hope non-business math questions will be posted elsewhere, together with natural sciences.

  • what do you think of the new business page? -

    Yes, I will be making the mathematics page and other subject areas display questions from the respective subjects.

  • what do you think of the new business page? -

    I like the concept, but question the filtering. There's a classroom management post (about educational practices), but the finance question (about the value of stocks) isn't there.

    Good luck! When the bugs get ironed out, it will be easier for both students and teachers.

  • what do you think of the new business page? -

    I think it is well organized... want to know if each of the subjects will have a page with the same format and if there will be a misc. page?

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