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which of the following is not part of the mass media?
a. newspapers
b. books
c. the internet
d. music cds

b or c. since it doesnt say what type of books, ill go with d.

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    I agree. D. is the best answer.

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    I agree. "Media" or "The Medium" is/are the means of dispersing news and opinion, as well as entertainment and sometimes advertising, to a wide audience. The first three do that. CDs are usually only used for entertainment, or preserving "old" data.

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    CDs can be considered a "medium" for storing data, but not a "mass medium" for widely dispersing news and opinion to the "masses".

    "Medium" is the singular of "media", but nowadays it is, unfortunately, quite common to also treat "media" as a singular noun. The grammatical rules of English are always being broken, it seems.

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