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graph y = 2x - 3

and the domain is the real number

when i plot the point without goin them or with goin them ?

explain when i draw the line in grade papper
ony plot the point

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    The graph is a straight line on graph paper.
    To draw a straight line you need two points to draw the line through.
    For example find y when x = 0
    y = 2(0) - 3
    or y = -3
    So your first point is (0,-3)
    now pick some other value of x for a second y at a second point.
    For example x = 5
    then y = 2(5)-3
    or y = 7
    So your second point is (5,7)
    so draw a straight line that goes through (0,-3) and (5,7)

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    ok when i plot the point i goin them or no? and why ?

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    Yes, you JOIN them by drawing a straight line from one to the other. All points that you plot should fit on the same straight line, for an equation like that. The real line is infinite (never ends) because the domain is all real numbers, but you can only show the the part that fits the range of your graph.

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    Ignore the word "correction" in my previous answer. I forgot to remove it following my name

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