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Need some help.
need to match sentence from group A
with one from group B, that are the same tense,past,present or future

Group A
1. At Oc water freezes
2. I've been to several countries
3. I've been working here for 10 years
4. She was walking down the road
5. He'll be working late for the next 2 weeks.

Group B.
A.Have you phoned yet?
B.They were reading all afternoon
C.Has he been drinking again?
D.He lives in London
E.This time next week I'll be swimming in the pacific

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    1. D

    If you post the rest of the answers, we'll be glad to check them.

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    I think it's 2C,3B, 4A, 5E

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    Note: Someone else impersonated me and posted wrong answers.

    Of the answers you posted, only # 5 is correct. Please check 2, 3, and 4.

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