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i do not understand this question and how to anseer it, can someone please help? htt p://i12. tinypic. com/6k8ytdd.jpg

the question is in the link because it has a graph that goes along with it that I do not understand, just take the spaces out of the link. but the question is: Come up with a evolution scenario involving natural selection for the graph. I do not understand the trend in the graph really...

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    due to natural selection the amount of birds that have lived throughout the 20 year period have been the birds with the bigger beaks because the food they need for survival burrows further into the ground therefor the lengths of the beaks for the birds must accommodate for the change thus the birds that lived have bigger beaks...something along those lines

    if that doesnt make sense make it into your own words mentioning how the food goes deeper so the birds need bigger beaks to survive that where natural selection comes in because the birds who don't survive don't have big enough beaks and the birds that do survive "evolve" so to speak to have bigger beaks =]

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