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In the Holocaust book were reading the Nazis were planning on killing all the Jews before the Russians liberated them. Is this true? If so how were they going to plan the kills?

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    By this time in the war, most European Jews who still lived were in concentration or death camps. The "final solution," that is, the way the Nazis were killing Jews was in huge gas chambers. They herded the Jewish men, women, and children into large rooms that were supposed to look like shower rooms. But instead of water, the overhead fixtures had streams of poisonous gas.

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    Wouldnt they know they were poisones tho? or did no one survive to tell them?

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    I think most of the victims knew what was coming. But the Nazis shot or beat anyone who resisted going into the gas chambers. There was no escape.

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    o ok ty sue!

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    You're very welcome, Logan. :-)

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