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How do you invert the following into a question?

Elle dine a huit heures.

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    Est-ce que elle dine a huit heures? (Is it that she eats at 8 o'clock?)

    But if you were trying to ask "At what time does she eat?" It would be "Quelle heure est-ce qu'elle dine?" (What time does she eat?)

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    Shouldn't it be:

    Est-ce qu'elle dine a huit heures?

    Or could you say:

    Dine-elle a huit heures?

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    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Nice tries but no ones has it yet! Here it is with inversion:

    Dîne-t-elle à huit heures? (Because "dine" ends in a vowel and "elle" begins with a vowel, you must add "-t-" for sound.

    Other ways to ask the same question (there are usually 4 ways to ask a question and inversion is #1.)
    #2 Est-ce qu'elle dîne à huit heures? (Beginnins with "Est-ce que/qu'" and "straight word order = subject + verb"
    #3 Elle dîne à huit heures, n'est-ce pas? (Straight word order + ,n'est-ce pas?)
    #4 Elle dîne à huit heures, non? (Straight word order + ,non?)


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    If I am remembering correctly it should be stated as Est-ce qu'elle dine a huit heures?

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