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On Monday, Voltaire drove to town at 60 miles per hour. On Tuesday, he drove to town at 40 miles per hour. If the totaling traveling time for both trips was 15 hours, how far was it to town?

I know distance=(rate)(time).so I set it up like this...x=distance

X/(60)(15) + x/(40)(15)=

..but I end up getting the wrong answer...any advice on how to set up uniform motion problems dealing with ROUND TRIPS..thanks.

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    He traveled at 60 mph a distance of 60*hours.
    He traveled at 40 mph the same distance of 40(15 hrs - time hrs). The distance is the same; therefore, set them equal.
    60t = 40(15-t)
    60t = 600 - 40t
    100t = 600
    t = 6 hrs for the 60 mph day.
    15-t = 9 hours for the 40 mph day.

    distance = 6 h x 60 mph = 360 miles.
    distance = 9 h x 40 mph = 360 miles.
    Check my work. Check my thinking.

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    i do believe this guy up is just need to sit down and think about it step by step don't get frustrated and give up, just keep working on it and sooner or later you will get it,

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