economics vocab.

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Key terms:
*frictional unemployment
*seasonal unemployment
*structural unemployment
*cyclical unemployment
*unemployment rate
*full employment
*discouraged worker

1. My cousin Harold is used to ______________, since he works for a landscaping company and is laid off every summer.
My answer: seasonal unemployment

2. It is easy to find a job these days, since _____________ is so low.
My answer: full employment

3. Poeple who do not finish high school often suffer from ____________.
My answer: structural unemployment

4. With ___________, nearly everyone who want a job has a job.
I'm not sure what this one is.

5. The excellent mechaning who has been working as a clerk at a convenience stores since the local garage closed is considered ____________.
My answer: underemployed

6. My aunt who left her job to care for her sick mother and is now looking for work is an example of ___________.
My answer: frictional unemployment

  • economics vocab. -

    1) I agree
    2) I disagree. I would go with "unemployment rate"
    3) I agree
    4) I would go with "full employment"
    5) I agree
    6) I agree

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