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Can you tell me if i did these right??

Lewis Dot Structure
A. BrF = 5 dots around Br-F with 5 dots around it
B. PBr3 = ? I don't know how to do because of the 3
C. NOF= 3 dots around N 2 dots around O and 5 dots around F N-O-F
D. CO = 3 dots around C double bond between O and 4 dots on oxygen
E. BrCN = 5 dots around Br double bond between C with 2 dots and -N with 3 dots Br=C-N
F. N2F2 = ?? I don't know how to do

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    BrF is 14 dots total. 8 around Br and 8 around F (Two dots between Br and F are counted twice to get the 8 around each).

    Add two electron to top Br, two electrons to bottom Br, and two electron to top and bottom of side Br. If I have counted right that should be 26 total.

    NOF has 18 electrons so you don't have enough.

    CO has 14 e. You have only 7. I can draw CO. :C:::O:

    BrCN has 16 e which I think I can almost draw.
    :Br:C:::N: and add 2e to top of Br and 2e to bottom of Br.

    I would draw N2F2
    :F:N::N:F: and add 2e to top and bottom of each F and add 2e to top or each N. Total e = 24.

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