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physics help please :)

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From a height of 35.0 m, a 1.25 kg bird dives (from rest) into a small fish tank containing 50.0 kg of water.

What is the maximum rise in temperature of the water if the bird gives it all of its mechanical energy?

(delta)T= ?? degrees C

  • physics help please :) -

    First compute the mechanical energy that is converted to heat, Q.

    Q = (1/2) M g H
    H = 35 m
    g = 9.8 m/s^2
    M = 1.25 kg. Q will be in Joules if you use these units. Divide the number of Joules by 4.18 to get calories

    To get the delta T, use
    Q = M(water) * C * (delta T)
    C = 1.00*10^3 calories/kg C

  • physics help please :) -

    I'm not getting the correct answer.. this is my work:

    Q=214.374/4.18 =51.286


    Do I need to convert the T to something else? It says to have it in C, which I think it's already in...

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