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i have a java problem.
i'm trying to write the hunt the wumpus game with simple conditions: (check-marked the ones i already accomplished)
[x]the pits will be placed randomly
[x] the wumpus is placed in the maze randomly (not sure if i did that one correctly)
[x] the player starts on the lower left of the maze row 3 col 0
-the player will only have 1 chance to shoot the Wumpus
[x]if the player is close to the Wumpus then there would be a prompt saying there is stench around
[x]if the player is close to a pit then she/he will be prompted that there is a breeze.
-if the player falls in a pit or gets eaten by the wumpus the game will be over and the map of the maze will be shown. I used 0 for empty cells and p for pits and w for wumpus in the array.

There is some problem with the program i've written so far but i don't know how to fix it. also, i don't know how to check if the wumpus will be in the direction the player wants to shoot. i'd appreciate any suggestions

Code: ( text )

import java.util.*;
public class playWumpus
//initMaze METHOD
//put the pits and wumpus into the world
public static void initMaze(char [][] maze)
Random r = new Random();

for (int row = 0; row <4; row ++)
maze[row][col] = 'O'; <<<<<<there is a problem here
int pitRow, pitCol;
for (int pitNum = 0; pitNum <4; pitNum++)
pitRow = r.nextInt(4); //randomly choose row
pitCol = r.nextInt(6); //randomly choose column
if (pitRow == 3 && pitCol == 0)//start location
maze [pitRow][pitCol] = 'p'; //places the pits in the maze randomly
maze [r.nextInt(4)][r.nextInt(6)] = 'w'; //places the wumpus randomly in the maze
}// end of Maze method

//CHECKMOVE method
//possible outcomes: run into the wall , fall into the pit, eaten by wumpus,
//feel breeze, smell stench, nothing.
public static int checkMove(char [] [] maze, int newRow, int newCol)
//checks if they run into a wall
if (newRow<0 || newRow>3 || newCol<0 || newCol>5)
System.out.println("You hit a wall");
return 0;
// it will return to the main method and places 0 in the state variable
else if (maze[newRow][newCol] == 'p')
//this checks the maze if there is a P in that location
System.out.println("You fall into a pit");
return 2;
// it will return to the main method and places 2 in the state variable
else if (maze[newRow][newCol] == 'w')//checks for the wumpus
System.out.println("You've eaten by the Wumpus!!");
//checks for the breeze (right,left,down,up) //<<is the following if-statement correct?>>>
if (
(newCol>0 && maze[newRow][newCol-1] == 'p') ||
(newCol<5 && maze[newRow][newCol+1] =='p') ||
(newRow>0 && maze[newCol][newRow-1] == 'p') ||
(newRow<3 && maze[newCol][newRow+1] =='p')
System.out.println("You feel a breeze");
return 1;

}//end of the maze method

public static void main(String [ ] args)
char [ ] [ ] maze = new char [4][6]; //the actual map of the game
int playerRow=3, playerCol=0; // player location aka lat/long
Scanner in= new Scanner(; //<<there is something wrong with my scanner>>>
int move, state;
// state of the game
// state 0= illegal move, 1= legal move, 3= end game
initMaze (maze); // calling the initMaze method
System.out.println("What would you like to do? 1=up, 2=down, 3=right 4=left, 5=shoot");
move = in.nextInt(; //<<for some reason eclipse is telling me that the type is incorrect>>
if (move ==1) // move up in the world
state = checkMove(maze, playerRow-1,playerCol); //these are coordinates
if ( state >0 ) // legal move
playerRow = playerRow-1;
if (move ==2) // move down in the world
state = checkMove(maze, playerRow+1,playerCol);
if ( state >0 ) // legal move
playerRow = playerRow+1;
if (move ==3) // move right in the world
state = checkMove(maze, playerRow,playerCol+1);
if ( state >0 ) // legal move
playerCol = playerCol+1;
if (move ==4) // move left in the world
state = checkMove(maze, playerRow,playerCol-1);
if ( state >0 ) // legal move
playerRow = playerCol-1;
if (move == 5) // shoot the wumpus in the world
System.out.println("Which direction would you like to shoot? 1=up, 2=down, 3=right, 4=left");
int shootDir = in.nextInt(;

// check if the wumpus gets killed
if ( shootDir == 1 )
System.out.println("You shot the Wumpus!");

}while (state!=2);
}//end of main

}//end of class

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