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The instructions say: "Change the verbs from the present tense to the present progressive" and gives the following example but no answer "Yo miro la television." What do I do?

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    For the present progressive, conjugate the verb "estar" to agree with your subject. That is followed by the present participle of the verb.

    The forms of estar are: (yo) estoy, (tú) estás, (él, ella, Ud.) está, (nosotros) estamos, y (ellos, ellas, Uds.) están.

    The present participles are formed by...

    -ar verbs: add -ando to the stem
    hablar -> hablando

    -er & -ir verbs: add -iendo to the stem
    comer -> comiendo
    vivir -> viviendo

    For example...
    Estoy mirando la television.
    I am watching the television.

    Estoy hablando.
    I am speaking.

    Juan está comiendo.
    John is eating.

    María está escribiendo una carta.
    Mary is writing a letter.

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    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. In addition to Michael's help, here is some additional information.

    Verbs ending in -yendo
    caer = cayendo
    creer = creyendo
    leer = leyendo
    oír = oyendo
    traer = trayendo

    Irregular Verbs in the
    Gerund (-ndo form)

    decir = diciendo
    dormir = durmiendo
    morir = muriendo
    pedir = pidiendo
    sentir = sintiendo
    venir = viniendo
    ir = yendo
    poder = pudiendo

    Uses of the Gerund (Present Participle)

    1. It is used with the verbs: estar (most often), seguir, continuar and verbs of motion, to stress the fact that an event is (or was, or will be) in progress or is continuing at the moment ndicated.

    2. The gerunds of estar, ir, and venir are not used to form the progressive tenses. Instead the simple tenses are used (viene = is coming)

    3. The Spanish gerund is often the 3quivalent of "by + an English present participle."
    Viajando, se aprende mucho = By traveling, one learns much. (a lot)
    Estudiando, saldrás bien en los exámenes = By studying, you will pass the examinations.


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