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Hello! I need assistance in solving for a side for a right triangle in trigonometry. Can anyone give me the easiest way/formula how to go about solving it?
Thank you!

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    Use SOH CAH TOA.

    sinx = opposite/hypotenuse
    cosx = adjacent/hypotenuse
    tanx = opposite/adjacent

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    I've come across that before..
    But the main objective I have difficulty with is when you use the proportion (ex.)

    angle decimal (after you look it up on the sin, cos, or tan table)/1 and object you are looking for/adjacent

    What do you do afterward? Or is that it?

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    If you are looking for the hypotenuse, then the equation that you should use is z=SQRT(x^2 + y^2), where both x and y are shorter than the z and ae adjacent to the right angly.

    However, if you are looking for one of the legs(either one of the shorter sides), then you must use y = SQRT(z^2 - x^2), where the z is the hypotenuse and x is the other leg.

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