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For l'imperatif

if the verb is se lever, the nous form would be nous nous levons. How about its l'imperatif, would it be nous levons, or only levons?

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    And also, how do you say the negative of nous nous levons?
    Like "nous nous ne levons pas"??

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    Bonjour, Miche!
    l'impératif de se lever
    lève-toi / ne te lève pas
    levez-vous / ne vous levez pas
    levons-nous / ne nous levons pas

    You'll love the negative! nous ne nous levons pas. (Remember to keep the Reflexive Pronoun as close to the verb as you can.)

    NOTES on Reflexive Verbs:

    1. The reflexive pronouns (me, te, se, nous, vous) like other pronoun objects, normally pecede the verb.

    2. In the affirmative imperative, they follow the verb and are connected to it with a hyphen. After the verb, "toi" is used instead of te (and "soi" instead of se)

    3. (Me, te, se) become (m', t', s') before a verb beginning with a vowel or silent "h:" = je m'amuse / elle s'habille

    4. The reflexive pronoun is not always a direct object. It may be an indirect object, while some other word in the sentence is the direct object.
    EXAMPLES: Je me brosse les dents. = I brush my teeth. "les dents" is the direct object"
    Il se lavait la figure. = He was washing his face. "la figure" is the direct object

    5. A verb that is reflexive in French need not be reflexive in English.
    Nous nous dépêchons. = We hurry (ourselves)
    Ils se lèvent. = They get (themselves) up.

    Let's look at the transitive verb (lever = which must take a direct object) and the Reflexive verb (se lever, where the reflexive pronoun is the dirct object.)
    EXAMPLES: lève le livre = lift the book
    lève-toi = get (yourself) up

    lave la voiture = wash the car
    lave-moi la voiture = wash the car for me ("moi" being indirect object here)
    lave-toi = wash (yourself) up


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