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Okay I only need help with part (c), but I'll put down the whole problem.

a. What impulse occurs when an average force of 10 N is exerted on a cart for 2.5 s? I got 25 N x S (Newtons-Seconds)

b. What change in momentum does the cart undergo? I got 25 kg x m/s.

c. If the mass of the cart is 2 kg and the cart is initially at rest, calculate its final speed.

This sheet I have says the answer to part (c) is 12.5 m/s, but I have NO CLUE how to get that answer. Plz help!!!

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    momentum = mass * velocity

    velocity = momentum/mass

    v = 25/2 = 12.5

    (you can fill in the units)

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    Thank you very much! I get it now!

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    how do you fingure out the rest of the questions?

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