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please how can you solve this problem....... 2(y-6)=3y+12-y

  • algebra -

    2(y-6) = 3y + 12 - y

    Start by combining the y's on the right side.

    2(y-6) = 2y + 12

    Now do the distributive property on 2(y-6) to get 2y-12. (Both the y and the -6 are multiplied by the outside 2.)

    2y - 12 = 2y + 12

    Get all the numbers without variables (the y's) on the right side by adding 12 to both sides...

    2y = 2y + 24

    Combine the y's by subtracting 2y from the right...

    0 = 24

    That is not correct, so there is no solution.

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