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did I miss any of the accents necessary?

Melodía lleva un gorro de lana gris y marrón con bolas de algodón. Ella también lleva unas botas altas de cuero marrones con lana suave adentro. Las botas se llaman son UGGS. Ella modela un par de vaqueros flacos que son un color gris medio. Ella lleva una camisa blanca de algodón de manga larga con las palabras "me amo" Por último, lleva una chaqueta verde con botones grandes.

Melody is wearing a grey and brown wool hat. She is also wearing tall brown leather boots with soft wool inside. They are called UGGS. She is modeling a pair of skinny jeans which are a medium grey color denim. She is wearing a long sleeve white cotton shirt with the words " I love you". Finally, she is wearing an oversized green jacket with big buttons.

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  1. SraJMcGin

    line 3 = las botas se llaman UGGS. Get rid of the extra verb = run-on sentence. Either Las botas SON or Las botas SE LLAMAN but not both.

    You didn't change "me amo" to "te amo" You'd best do that for "I love YOU."

    As for the accents = PERFECTO


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