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Math (algerbra)

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clay potts owns a pottery store. his brother jack works there for $50 dollars there and then gets .1 percent of the daily profits. clay gets the rest of the profits.


A) What number of dollar PROFIT must the store make in one day for each person to get the SAME ammount of money?
please help me. this is the last question on my homework
and i would like to be done.

Thank you.

  • Math (algerbra) -

    Write equations to model the situation.
    where p is the daily profit, j is Jack's salary, and c is Clay's salary

    Since their salaries will be the same, set j equal to c.
    50+.01p = p-(50+.01p)

    Solve the equation for p, and you should get $102.04.

  • Math (algerbra) -

    Wait, you said .1 percent... that would be ".001p" rather than ".01p" unless you meant 1 percent.

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