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Can someone help me with this, i have started it but cant get it to work out.

The higher the energy level occupied by an electron in the hydrogen atom, the larger the atom. The diameter of the atom is proportional to n2, where n=1 labels the lowest, or “ground” state, n=3 is the third state, and so on. If the atom’s diameter is 1x10-10m in its lowest energy state, what is its diameter in state number 50? How many unexcited atoms could be fit within this one giant atom

what goes where?



V=4/3 PI radius^3

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    The diameter increases by a factor of 50^2, so the volume increases by a factor of 50^6 = 1.56*10^10, compared to that of an atom in the n=1 state. That is approximately the number of n=1 atoms that can be fit inside the n=50 atom's volume, but the exact number depends upon how you "pack" them in. It will be closer to 1*10^10

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