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J'aime porte de pantalon.

Why is "de" used? I remember my teacher saying something about there are two verbs, is that why? But I am not so sure, so please explain. Thanks.

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    Bonsoir, Miche. I can not explain the sentence you have there because there is definitely something wrong. Is it supposed to say "I like wearing pants?" J'aime porter un pantalon? = I like wearing a pair of pants?

    If there are 2 verbs there (aime/porte) it is a run on sentence.


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    Yes, its suppose to be porter, but I don't know why de is used or did I just misunderstood my teacher?

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    If I were you I'd ask one more time. Just tell your teacher you want to be SURE you understood!

    Please get back to me after you find out for sure what she said? If it were negative "Je n'aime pas porter de pantalon." would be correct, but if the sentence is affirmative I would not have said "de!"


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