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The main water line enters a house on the first floor. The line has a gauge pressure of 1.70 105 Pa.
(a) A faucet on the second floor, 6.5 m above the first floor, is turned off. What is the gauge pressure at this faucet?
(b) How high could a faucet be before no water would flow from it, even if the faucet were open?

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    (a) Subtract (density)*g*h
    from the pressure in the floor below.
    h = 6.5 m
    density = 1000 kg/m^2
    g = 9.8 m/s^2

    (b) The pressure at a height H above the first floor is
    1.70*10^5 N/m^2 - (density)*g*H

    Set (density)*g*H = 1.70*10^5 N/m^2
    and solve for H

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