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in an atom electrons move in definite orbits around the nucleus much like planets cirlce the sun.

who said this - I think Bohr

choices are:
wave model

  • science -

    Bohr is right

  • science dr. Bob -

    An atom is made of positively charged pudding like material through whic hnegatively cahrged particels are scattered

    I put thompson -

    now I am not sure after reading winnepedia maybe rutherford??

  • science dr. Bob -

    The J.J. Thomson (note the spelling) model was the pudding model. Rutherford was a student of Thomson and discovered alpha particles. In experiemnts after graduating, Rutherford noted that his alpha particle scattering experiments could not be explained by the Thomson model; therefore, he proposed the idea that the mass of the atom was at the center, the center was positively charged, and electrons were somewhere outside the nucleus. (He didn't know about neutrons--they were not discovered until later).

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