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We ask "Vous voulez un livre?" and then why do we have to answer by "Je n'aime pas les livres." can't it be
"Je n'aime pas un livre"?
Why does it have to be les instead of un?

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    im not that good at french but i think its because un = 1 so it one instead of many.

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    Salut, Miche! "Do you want a book?" The first answer says "I don't like books." The 2nd says "I don't like a book."

    If this is a model (modèle) you have to follow it; that is if you were told to answer generally "I don't like books." then do it that way. I don't like a book is not as good as "Je ne veux pas de livre" = I don't want a (any) book.

    Not seeing your textbook, I don't know why that pattern is preferred.


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