Cultural Diversity

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Can someone please help with this question on my assignment?

A culture's emphasis on autonomy or
dependence impacts adult-child interaction. Of the following choices,
the ____________cultures are most
closely aligned in valuing dependence or autonomy.

A. Asian and Mexican-American

B. American mainstream and Native

C. American mainstream and Mexican-

D. Mexican-American and Native-American

I am thinking either B or D is the correct answer, but I'm not real sure
which. Can someone please help?

thank you!!

  • Cultural Diversity -

    Dependence and autonomy have opposite meanings. Autonomy means independent.

    Are you sure you copied the question correctly?

  • Cultural Diversity -

    Rereading the question -- I think the instructions mean that you are to label each of those combined cultures as valuing either dependence or autonomy.

    Asian and Mexican-American cultures tend to value dependence.

  • Ms. Sue--please reply -

    Yes-Ms. Sue- I copied the question correctly. I was thinking B or D
    to be the best answer. So, you think
    that A is the best answer?

  • Cultural Diversity -

    Rose -- dependence and autonomy are opposites. How can any culture value dependence OR independence?

    The only way your question makes any sense is if you are to label each of the four cultures as either valuing dependence OR autonomy.

  • Cultural Diversity -

    I know that dependence and autonomy are opposites,I know the question makes no sense,so-I really do not know what to put.

  • Cultural Diversity -

    Can you identify each culture -- or are you limited to only one answer.

    If you're limited to only one answer, I suggest you leave it blank -- or guess.

  • Please help -

    Ican only put one answer.

    I know children from Native American tribal customs develop independence at an early age. And that children's parents in Asian families view the children as helpless. Mexican'American families are fairly indulgent and protective of their young children.

  • Please help -

    As you said, the question doesn't make any sense and it's impossible to answer. Please ask your teacher to clarify it.

  • Cultural Diversity -

    Correct wording of the question is:

    A culture's emphasis on autonomy or
    dependence impacts adult-child interaction. Of the following choices, the ___________ cultures are most closely aligned in valuing dependence over autonomy.

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