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I really do not find many cake decorating positions needing a resume so I went with what I am studying in school. Is this ok?

Career Objective: To assist the sick as a registered nurse. I would also like to become a traveling nurse at some time to. I am going to school to achieve this but would like to get the feel of being in the environment.
I have been working as a cake decorator for about three years now in a few different locations. By doing this I have learned great people skills. Being a decorator you learn to be creative and interact with the customer try to show them different ideas. I believe that this is a skill someone would need in a hospital environment.

and then work history...

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    For what position are you applying?

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    Some thing to where I will be interacting with nurses and patients. I know that is almost everything but maybe a candystriper to start.

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    Your resume is good. But most resumes start with the title of the position you're seeking.

    Your last answer is really too vague -- especially since candy stripers are volunteers -- and often teenagers. Besides, I don't know if many hospitals still accept teens as volunteers. Do some research to find what positions are available in local hospitals. Since you're in school now, check with the counselors for their advice.

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    Thank you for your help

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    You're very welcome.

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