please everyone post opinions. everyone is welcome

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is it wise to plan your life for next twenty years now?

i'm asking opinions from people for my project so i will appreciate if you please participate.

To start off, this is my answer:

i think it is wise because have broad plans in goals in life will give an idea to people on what the want to reach for in their future. Setting goals also helps people decide how hard they have to work for and how high their standards have to be set to be successful.

  • please everyone post opinions. everyone is welcome -

    I agree with your answer -- that setting broad goals is important.

    However, your prompt asks if it wise to PLAN your life for the next 20 years. That's impossible because there are too many unknowns. High school seniors, for example, have a good idea about the general fields they want to go into, but as they learn more, they tend to specialize or even find that they really don't like that subject area as much as they once thought. New career opportunities are constantly opening up. Who knows what jobs will be created or vastly expanded in the next 5 years?

    The best way to plan for the next 20 years is to get as much education as possible and keep your options open.

  • please everyone post opinions. everyone is welcome -

    Setting goals is important; however, never close the door to possibilities. I personally believe that the best goals to set in life are: to be the best friend of your fellow human beings that you can be; to the be best positive force that you can be; to use your talents to the best of your ability and to be open to the best possiblities for doing these things.

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