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Chloroform CHCl3, is a volatile liquid solvent. Caculate the density of cholroform vapor at 98 degrees C and 797 mmHg. Give the answer in grams per liter.

How do I start this out

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    PV = nRT
    You know P. Assume V = 1 L. You know R and T. Calculate n = mols and that is mols in 1 L.
    mols = g/molar mass. you now know mols and you know molar mass. Calculate grams. And that is in 1 L so the answer is g/L. You can do it another way all in one step if you want to redo the equation a little.
    PV = nRT
    P = (n/V)*RT
    but n = g/molar mass so
    P = (g/molar mass*V)*RT
    But g/V = density = d so
    P = (d/molar mass)*RT and solve for d.
    d = (P*molar mass)/(RT)

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