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Question: algo menos de moda que pantlaones de cuadros


Unas faldas armarillo moda que los que pantalones de cuadros

This one really confused me - and it is my last one. Do you accept 8th grade students for private tutoring in spanish thanks.

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    ADJECTIVES must have the same number (singular/plural) and gender (masculine/feminine) as the noun(s) modified. CHANT that. SING that. REMEMBER that!

    By the way, I accept ANY student who wants help! No problem there and that's why I'm here!

    The model says "something less fashionable than checkered pants." You are on the right track saying "Yellow skirts are less fashionable than checkered pants." (That is IF you think yellow skirts ARE less fashionable!)

    Unas faldas amarillas (check spelling, gender and number) son (you need a verb) menos de moda que los pantalones de cuadros. Now, check the words you have wrong so you don't make those kinds of mistakes again (I call it the "hit list.") and note the excess words as well.


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