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Algebra 2

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I need help with this problem because I do not have a graphing calculator.
Explain how you would solve this equation using your graphing calculator in five steps then give the solution.
2x- 3y=8
5x+ 4y= 11

Also how do you determine how many solutions a system of equations has without solving the system?

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    There are three possible solutions for system of equation.
    1. zero, same slope different y intercept (two lines are parallel)
    2. one, which means the two lines intersect once ( different slope & y- intercept )
    3. infinite, which means the two line have the same slope and y-intercept.

    you don't have to solve the system of equation but you have to get y by itself so that you know what the slope and y-intercept are.

    2x-3y=8 ---> y=-2/3x-8/3
    5x+4y=11 ---> y=-5/4x+11/4
    there is one solution because these two equation have different slope and y-intercept

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