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a cessna can fly at a rate of 220 mph in calm air. traveling with the wind, the cessna flew 780 mi in the same amount of time as it flew 540 mi against the wind. find the rate of the wind. how do i set this problem up? please explain in detail cuz i don't get these word problems. thank you

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    let the speed of the wind be x mph
    so the speed of the plane with the wind is 220+x
    and against the wind it would be 220-x

    The time taken against the wind is 780/(220+x)
    and the time taken with the wind would be 780/(220+x), remember Time = Distance/Rate

    but we are told their times are the same

    so 780/(220+x) = 780/(220+x)

    I will leave the arithmetic up to you,
    (I got x = 40)

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