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i need help with this fill in the blank...

cuanto____ por los calcetines amarillos?

the blank has 7 letters and is like this: ca-a--e i am missing those 3 letters.


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    This website isn't designed to cheat you way through assignments.

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    im not cheating. i just need help.

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    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. If you are sure of the ca_a_ _e and there is an accent mark on "cuánto" and it's all ONE word, I can't think of anything to fit. Here's why:
    1. It has to be a verb.
    2. It ends in -e so it must be an -er or -ir verb.
    3. After ca and before a it must be a consonant.

    If I were you, I'd go through the text to see the vocabulary presented in this unit/chapter.

    Now, if you only need a 7-letter word and you can use past tense you could try "costaba" = how much was it costing for the yellow socks.

    Is this a crossword puzzle or simply a "fill-in-the blank?"


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