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I have another question on the spanish crossword puzzle. the question is:
La madre siempre va a la ____ cuando compra zapatos para sus hijos.

What does this mean? I can't figure it out. Please help me.

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    i forgot to mention before that the word has 9 letters. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!

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    My mom always goes to the _____ when she wants to by her children shoes.

    I think that's it. Im not quite sure what fits in there though.

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    what is store in spanish

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    store does not work it is not 9 letters.

    I've tried the following:
    super market
    commercial center

    They all don't work =[

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    what about shoestore

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    Ohh, wow. I totally missed that. Thanks a lot Jennifer.

    shoe Store - zapatería

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    no problem

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    ¡excelente! See? You figured that one out! Always try these things in a cross-word puzzle:
    1. look at the blanks around the word because if you sure you filled those in correctly you will have some of the letters.
    2. look at the vocabulary in the unit/chapter you are doing.
    3. try the English and then it was so much easier to come up with "shoestore!"


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