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My teahcers are killing me with these essays, anyway:
Write a 2 page essay on the benifits, challenges, and ways physical education effects the way you live later on in life.

I understand the benifits but not the challenges or any ideas about the way it affects your life later on.

  • Physical Ed. Essay -

    The challenges are pushing your body and building your muscles.

    Hopefully you'll use the skills you learn in phys ed to continue living a healthy life in the future.

    Think about what you're learning now and how you might use those skills after you're out of school.

    Although the emphasis should be on your own physical fitness, learning the rules of baseball, football, etc., may make you a more knowledgable spectator too.

  • Physical Ed. Essay -

    Health in later life is always improved by having a good exercise habit. If one has had experience in high school with tennis, basketball,swimming, soccer, etc., then the pleasure of this as well as the habit will carry over into adulthood. One challenge, my sons have found, is to moderate the activity to match the changing physical ability. One just can not play soccer with the same intensity as an adult that one did when one was in college or high school. <G>

  • Physical Ed. Essay -

    Thanks to Physical Education classes, I am now confident I can dodge any ball that is randomly thrown at me on the street. Before that time, I was really worried. :)

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