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AP Biology

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After an enzyme is mixed with its substrate, the amount of product formed is determined at 10-sec intervals for 1 min.

0 secs. = 0.0 product formed (mg)
10 secs = .25 product formed (mg)
20 secs = .50 product formed (mg)
30 secs = .70 product formed (mg)
40 secs = .80 product formed (mg)
50 secs = .85 product formed (mg)
60 secs = .85 product formed (mg)

First of all how do i find the intial rate of the enzymatic reaction? Than, if i was suppose to find the rate after 50 secs, what would it be?

What would happen if i heated the enzyme for 10 mins in 100 degrees celsius before repeating the experiment and why does this happen?

Altering the substrate concentration could effect the rate of reaction?

Changing the ph would effect the rate of the reaction as well?

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