History Part II

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Was there really? Because the movies that I say for WW1 were basically untrained men dying by the minute in the war and their bodies were through in ditches or sometimes coffins. With over 15 million people dead in WW1 how would they keep track of benefits. The only thing I've seen is that if you were injured in that war, that you would go to a hospital and if you had an amputation then you were sent home. What were te benefits? Someone told me their were benfits but for the WW1 movie I saw there were unexperinced soliders dying by the minute. They were thown in ditched or put in coffins. People that were injured, were sent to hospitals and if they suffered a very severe injury in which they needed an amputation they were sent home (if they survived). Tell me, what benefits were there of being a soldier in WW1?

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