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Compare the life of the Eastern Woodland Indians and the Southwest Indians.(food,homes,environment,clothes)

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    If you post your answer, we'll be glad to comment on it.

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    The Southwest Indians were farmers so they tried to find underground springs to collect water but, the Eastern Woodland Indians depended on forests.Thats how there different but, heres how there alike.They are both ancesters to the people who came to the new world. Please let me know if this is right. THANKS! :)

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    Mrs.Sue you are the BEST. Thanks for getting me to do this on my own. I really didn't know doing your homework could be so much fun! Thans again and don't forget, you are the BEST! :}

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    You're welcome, Rascal. I'm glad you're enjoying your homework. :-)

    But you have a problem in your paragraph.

    Your first sentence is correct. But your last sentence is not correct. The Southwest and Eastern Woodland Indians are NOT ancestors to the people who came to the new world. Please look up the word "ancestors" and revise that sentence.

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