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How would you make 300ml of a mixture of toluene and hexane in a ratio of 70:30 respectively?

~I really don't know how I would do this...would I do this?:

xT + yH= 300ml

xT= 300ml- yH

then plug that in? That came out funny though since I get 0 in the end...

~Help Please~


  • Science (chem) -

    I assume this is a volume ratio.
    70 + 30 per 100 mL.
    270 + 90 per 300 mL.

  • Science (chem) - that's how that works..

    Thank you Dr.Bob =)

  • Science (chem) -

    how would you make 300mL of toluene and hexane in a artion of 70:30 respectively?
    i don't understand please help.

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