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I answered le le me te
* most confused with # 2 b/c it then the sentence read le la

1. El camarero va a traer ____ la cuenta a mi papa

2. A mi hermana Elena _____ encanta el flan

3. a mi ____ gustan las papitas

4. A ti ___ gusta el jamon

  • spanish help PLEASE -

    Buenos Días, Liz. Thenk you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Once again, don't forget the accent marks where they belong. If you have a MAC it is very easy, if you have a PC we'd need to know if you have Windows or not. I can send you a "chart" with how to make accent marks, if you'd like, otherwise you will need to put them in by hand.

    #1, yes it is "le" but also papá (Father vs. potato!)

    #2. le

    #3. me

    #4 te

    You apparently now understand Indirect Object Pronouns.

    Ind Object Pronoun "le" = to, for, at, from (these words are either understood or stated) him, her, it

    If you need "les" it will be the same idea but instead of him, her, it = them

    With the Direct Object Pronoun "lo" it will be him, it, you (formal, singular, masculine), while with "la" it will be her, it, you (formal, singular, feminine

    With "los" it will be them (people or things, masculine or masculine & feminine mixed) and "las" it will be them (people or things, feminine plural only.

    If you would like my entire "chart" of Direct and Indirect Object Pronouns, let me know. They often couple but do not need to!


  • spanish help PLEASE -

    P.S. AND the accent mark in #4 = jamón

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