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Spanish SO confused

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Hi thanks for the help?
Which are the correct indirect pronouns for the following: me te le nos les

1. El camarero va a traer ____ la cuenta a mi papa

2. A mi hermana Elena _____ encanta el flan

3. a mi ____ gustan las papitas

4. A ti ___ gusta el jamon

  • Spanish SO confused -

    This site will help you. Repost with your answers and we will see if you are correct.

  • Spanish SO confused -

    ¡Hola! GuruBlue gave you a wonderful site about Indirect Object Pronouns. The only thing not clearly stated is that the following words will either be stated or clearly understood in identifying an Indirect-Object Pronoun:

    to, for, at, from

    Me dio el libro. He gave me the book. (Here it's more difficult perhaps to identify the IDO. This restated statement makes it FAR easier: He gave the book TO me.

    When you ask WHO gave the book = subject
    WHAT did he give = Direct Object
    TO WHOM did he give = Indirect Object Pronoun.

    *Also on this site, note the blue lines below. You can also go to the Review of Direct Object Pronouns and then Indirect and Direct used together!


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