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in a baseball-hitting contest at the office picnic, five men participated named: Biff, Carl, Fred, Marty, and Tom. Their last names in alphabetical order are Jenkins, Keech, McNabb, Miller, and Winslow. The distance that each man hit the ball in feet are: 325, 300, 275, 250, and 200. From the info given determine the first and last name of each man as well as how far each one hit the baseball. (hint) 1. Mr. miller didn't hit the ball as far as Biff but he hit one farther than Tom. 2. Carl hit the ball harther than Marty but not the farthest. 3. Fred hit a ball farther than McNabb but not as far as Mr. Keech, who didn't hit the ball the farthest. 4. Tom hit a ball farther than Mr. Winslow who first name is not Marty.

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    (1) Biff Jenkins 325
    (2) Carl Miller 300
    (3) Tom Keech 275
    (4) Fred Winslow 250
    (5) Marty MacNab 200
    Hope this helps :)

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    Can you explain how you did this?

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    SOrry i jUst wAnTed to say ThNx SusAn

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    i think u r lying

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    This is wrong.

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    The five candidates for mayor in the town Smallville were members of these five parties: conservative, Democrat, Independent, Liberal, and Republican. Their names are Goshen, Hargreaves, Jensen, Liebowitz, and Nelson. From the information given, determine not only the party to which each of the candidates belong, but also the order of finish in the election.

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    Thanks for the help I hate thinking when my brain is fried like an egg!

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