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1. A rectangular field with an area of 5000m^2 is enclosed by 300m of fencing. Find the dimensions of the field:
A. 100m x 50m

B. 75m by 75m

C. 150m x 150m

D. no solution

Please explain answer. Thanks!

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    Let the unknown dimensions be a and b. Solve the two equations
    a b = 5000
    2a + 2b = 300

    Simplify to a + b = 150 and substitute 150-a for b in the first equation.

    a(150-a) = 5000
    a^2 - 150 a + 5000 = 0

    You could either solve by factoring or just see which of the multiple choices satsifies the two equations. There IS a solution.

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