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Ça va aujourd'hui? This morning I was wondering if you sing at all in class. We did a lot of that and my students knew that they didn't have to be good, just loud, to drown me out! If we couldn't hear them, they got to do a "solo" so you can be sure everyone sang!

Here's one you simply HAVE to know! The words are very easy and you can probably figure them out. Note the Interrogative, or Question form of "Dormez-vous?" (Are you sleeping?) In case you really have to know the translation:

Brother John (priest), are you sleeping?
(bis = repeat)
The morning bells are ringing.
Ding, Ding, Dong.

Look below the words at the blue line "frèrejacMID" which is the MIDI. When you click on that you'll get the music as well. Chante! (Sing!)


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    We didn't sing at all in class, but it will sure be fun if we did!

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    Okey Dokey. I have lots of song words on my computer but mostly just the lyrics. Maybe you will sing later in class. J'espère que oui. (hope so)


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