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english 11

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I need help finding out if i underlined the correct words that are nouns. If you wouldnt mind helping could you tell me what words are nouns so i know if i did it right?

1)The time was running out on the contest.
2)Even when she took the cold medicince, Sara wasn't able to stop coughing.
3)Tom hanks has to be considered one of the greatest actors of our generation.
4)In this computer age, students need to have many skills.
5)Seattle, Washington gets more rainfall than nearly every city in North America.

  • english 11 -

    1) time, contest
    2) she, medicine, Sara
    3) Tom Hanks, actors, generation
    4) age, students, skills
    5) seattle,washington, rainfall, city, North America

  • english 11 -

    Tara, Al's answer for #2 is incorrect. There is also a mistake in #3

    If you will make the corrections, we will be happy to check your work.

  • english 11 -

    i have a book of the great gatsby
    i really need help with the question of the book . i really need help with the book.thank u please do it for me . i am from diffrent country . it is hard to learnd english. but it's heard to understand.

  • somthing -

    i think you are right but im not very clever so wait for someone else to speak. could you help me with my science?

  • Emily -

    Please post your science question in a new post. A science teacher will then be able to see that you need help.

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